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The Chinose Civil War

The Chinose Civil War


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Nations involved:

The Republic of Chino
Chinose Soviet Republic
The Empire of The Great Khatun
The Empire of The Sunrisian nation

The Chinose Civil War is a civil war in Chino fought between the Kuomintang (KMT)-led government of the The Republic of Chino (ROC) and the Communist Party of Chino (CPC) lasting since 1927.

Current Situation

Overall: The Kuomintang claims all Chinose areas, including Manchuria, Xinjiang and Formosa for The Republic of Chino.

North and Northwest Chino: Manchuria and Xinjiang are occupied and annexed by The Great Khatun. The entire northern border area south of the Great Wall, including the city of Beijing and most of the provinces of Gansu and Qinghai, are occupied by troops from the Khaganat as part of a so-called "security zone".
The Khaganate officially supports the monarchist faction. With Puyi as regent in Manchuria, the heir to the Chinose dragon throne is in the hands of the Khaganate. Unofficially, the aim is to restore the Khaganates Yuan Dynasty in Chino. However, both plans are still far away, since the restoration of the empire would not be accepted by the people of Chino. For this reason it is believed, that the Khaganate secretly supports the Communist rebels in southern Chino, since it is more than likely, that the Communists do not claim the northern territories of Chino if they are succesful. At the moment there is an armistice with the Khaganate.

Tibet: After the Xinhai Revolution (191112) toppled the Qing dynasty and the last Qing troops were escorted out of Tibet, the Republic of Chino apologized for the actions of the Qing and offered to restore the Dalai Lama's title. The Dalai Lama refused any Chinose title and declared himself ruler of an independent Tibet. In 1913, Tibet and the Khaganate of the Great Khatun concluded a treaty of mutual recognition.
So far, the Kuomintang have not had the resources to bring Tibet back under the sovereignty of Chino.

Chinose Soviet Republic: The so-called Chinose Soviet Republic of the Communist Party governs most of the provinces of Fujian, Jiangxi and Hunan, as well as parts of the provinces of Zhejiang, Guizhou and Guangdong, from the city of Raijin. Their aim is to conquer all Chino and establish a communist peoples republic.

Formosa: Formosa was ceded to The Sunrisian nation in 1895 after the First Chinose-Japanese War.



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