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Election 2020: Kuriko 24.7%, Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls 19.4%, Caelapes 8.3%, McMasterdonia 8.2%, Jocospor 6.8%, Valentine Z 4.2%, The Bigtopia 4.2%, Auralia 2.3%, Giovanniland 2.2%, Ecclestia 1.5%, Dekks 1.5%



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Musings on NS people (Will be updates)

A Leaf on the Wind: Sandwich!!! (My friend)
Sakana: Fellow Sloth Enthusiast
Toerana: First friend to be nice to me. Hello
Liruslau: Always a bright spot for me
Candensia: Friend. Mods THTHI
Doge Land: Rude. :(
Czech Germania: Fun person. Congrats!
Canogally: Hey, I remember you from Pacifica
Mohacian: Stegosaurus Buddy. They’re still safe
Redpeppers: Great guy. Should get to know them more
Kuriko: Kuri’s nice. Fun person to chat with
Valentine Z: Yay!!! Another positive friend
Oh-My-God Particles: Yay another positive one!!!
Rekken: Friendly cartography desert
Dwarf Land4: Me!! Doge Land, Cat-People are no worse than furrets. And it’s Lirana, not Liranas
Archron Empire: Cool Halo theming. Nice to chat with. Also introduced me to good music
Northern New Solingarch: Still a good friend
Alagerd: One of my long term NS friends
Frenchdom, Everland republic: RIP, you’ll be missed
Salizene: Not too bad, really
Ballpit: Cool NPO person
Xoriet: Sloth Supplier
Riakou: Thanos. ‘Nuff said
Dushkaria: Adventure friend. Stay away from my leaders
Novya zemlya: Great RPer. Thou shalt be missed
Arkosta: Never gonna forgive you for calling me Dwalf
Rumanian States: Sorta active. Never really spoken
Khosrau: ^
Blayredeshia: Scary far right IC. Never really spoken OOC
Kowenian States: Scary ideology. Also Broken nation
Ballotonia: Cool Dutch mod
The Northern Light: Cool card farming person
Siwale: Sloths! Lots of Sloths
Democratic Republic Of Unified States: Me! Nordic Socialist, geography/history obsess, writer of own language. Yay