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NJ's Helpful Guide to World Assembly Membership, Endorsements, Much More!


Hey, there, player! You have stumbled across NJ's Helpful Guide to everything WA related! Hopefully, you have already learned the basics of this game and are coming here for extra help. I am going to cover the basics of this mechanic of the game and some tips, tricks, and guides on how to begin participating. I will round it off with some frequently asked questions. I will hopefully be able to answer all of your questions. If not, feel free to reach out to me via telegram or on Discord at Lies Kryos#1734.


So, you want to join the World Assembly? Perfect. In the next few steps, I will explain how to join the World Assembly quickly and painlessly.

1. The first step is to make sure that you have an email attached to your nation. Don't worry, no other players can see this.

2. The next step is to visit the World Assembly page here: World Assembly or on the little sidebar of the NS website. Once you have done that, you'll need to hit the "Apply to Join" button. The website will then instruct you to check your email for a message from the NationStates website.

3. You'll need to click on the link that is in the email. Once you have done that, it will confirm that you are part of the World Assembly. Now you can vote on proposals, submit new proposals, endorse other nations in your region, and even become the Delegate!

Note: Having more than one nation in the WA, known as WA-multiing, is against the rules of the site and can get your nation or nations removed from the World Assembly or even banned. Don't think you can outsmart the site; you can't. Better to just follow the rules!


Now that you have joined the World Assembly, it is time for you to start racking up the endorsements. I'm gonna get a bit technical here, so proceed at your own risk. The main purpose of endorsements is threefold. First, endorsements increase your regional influence within the game. I will explain the influence mechanic later. Second, endorsements also increase your bid for World Assembly delegate; the person with the most endorsements becomes the delegate for their region. Finally, endorsements are the best way of securing your region from raiding or attacks by military organizations. Regions with a large number of endorsements and a large amount of influence are much harder to raid. In the next few steps, I will outline how to endorse someone.

1. First, you should start by endorsing your region's World Assembly Delegate (WAD). Click on their nation, scroll to the bottom of the page, and hit the little button "Endorse". This will let you endorse them.

2. Once you have done that, you should endorse all the other WA members you can find. The best way to do this is to endorse everyone endorsing the WAD. Click on each nation's page and scroll to the bottom and hit "Endorse". Rinse and repeat. Once you have done all the nations you can find, you won't ever have to endorse them again, unless you resign from the WA or other nations leave the region or WA, but don't worry. The majority of people you endorse will usually remain in the region or in the WA for a long time.

Pro Tip: If you are on a Discord server with the AugustinAndroid v2 (props to August for making that), you can use the ">swap" command to get a list of nations you have not endorsed and a link to their nation page. Super helpful!

Pro Tip: If you go to your region's census page for "World Assembly Endorsements", that will provide you with a list of all nations in the World Assembly, from most endorsed (your WAD) to least endorsed. For example, Conch Kingdom's is at this link. This can be found at:

Pro Tip: Your region might have a resident registry with all of their World Assembly nations listed. For example, Conch Kingdom's can be found here: CK Resident Registry

Pro Tip: You will also need two endorsements in order to submit any proposal to the World Assembly, so keep that in mind.

Pro Tip: Review your region's endorsement rules to make sure that you are within their requirements. Unless you are in a Game Created Region, you should be able to endorse everyone and gather as many endorsements as possible.


Influence is... well, complicated. I am going to try and explain this as simply and as easily as possible, but bear with me.

Influence is a gameplay feature that allows for the protection and security of regions, mainly. It has other functions for regional officials, but we won't get into that now. Influence, much like population, is calculated at a set rate. Your influence will increase every 12 hours (0000 EST and 1200 EST) at this rate: # of endorsements + 1. For example, having spent 12 hours in Conch Kingdom with 10 endorsements, [example nation] would have increased their influence by 11. Your influence determines a few things.

  • Your influence determines how much influence is required to eject or eject and ban (called a banjection) your nation

  • Your influence will contribute to the regional influence levels

  • Your influence will contribute to the cost of placing a regional password

  • Your influence determine your regional influence "title" (i.e. "zero" or "hermit")

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that your influence will halt if you are inactive for seven days. This means you should be logging on at least once a week.


Well, now we can leave the somewhat technical whatnot behind and move on to the real meat of the World Assembly: Proposals. There are several types of proposals and all have exactly the same submission and voting process. However, they do various different things. But first, we will discuss the two houses of the World Assembly.

The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the first branch or house of the WA we will discuss. It deals with the non-military aspects of the WA. This means that all resolutions that deal with anything, ranging from scientific regulation to space exploration to the regulation of cat breeding, will be proposed and voted upon here. There are three severities of legislation: Mild, Signifigant, and Strong. There are thirteen categories of proposals, from "Advancement of Industry" to "Social Justice".

Note: Some categories will have specific and unique subcategories (e.x. "Health" as the subcategories "Healthcare", "International Aid", "Research", and "Bioethics"). In addition, you can repeal all resolutions with the "Repeal this Legislation" button at the bottom of any previously passed resolution.

The Security Council

The Secutiry Council is the second branch of the WA we will discuss. This branch deals solely with the liberation, condemnation, and commendation of regions and nations. The Security Council is permitted to use the "Liberation" proposal to strike down regional passwords imposed by raider organizations. The Secuirty Council (SC) is also permitted to hand out condemnations and commendations. Condemnations are the SC's way of telling a region or nation that they are displeasing the international community. The commendation is the opposite, showing a region or nation that they are pleasing and supporting the international community. In addition, you can repeal all resolutions with the "Repeal this Legislation" button at the bottom of any previously passed resolution.

Steps to a Proposal

1. First, you will have to be a World Assembly member, but you should have already read on how to do that above. In addition, you will need two endorsements.

2. Then, you should submit your proposal draft to a forum for the appropriate branch or house. For GA proposals, that is the General Assembly Forum. For SC proposals, that is the Secutiry Council Forum. You should also make sure you looked for another previously passed resolutions on the Past Resolutions Page. You should do this because you can both gain advice and recommendations for change from experienced members of the WA community as well as make a good impression on voting members and delegates.

3. Once you have edited your proposal to a good point, you can submit it on the World Assembly Proposal page. This page will allow you to edit the type, severity, and category of your proposal. You will then be able to submit and edit the text of your proposal. Keep in mind the rules of the WA Proposal: the General Assembly Rules and the Security Council Rules.

4. After you have submitted your proposal, it will then go into the proposal stage of its life. Here, three things will happen. The General Secretariat (GenSec) will declare the proposal either legal or illegal. Illegal proposals can be designated as such for a breach of any of the proposal rules, linked above. Illegal proposals will be discarded after three days unless the GenSec votes for "Legal" outweigh those for "Illegal". Legal proposals will only be moved to vote if they receive a certain percentage of votes from regional delegates, shown at the top of the Current Proposals page. They will be moved to vote on at a time. Proposals may be discarded by the GenSec, using the "Discard" vote. If there are more "Discard" votes than "Legal" votes, then the proposal will be completely removed. The process is the same for the SC proposals.

5. Once your proposal has made it to the top of the queue, it will be presented to the World Assembly as the "At-Vote" proposal. Then, delegates and members alike will vote on it for three days. If your proposal receives more than 50% of the vote, it will pass. Congrats! If not, your proposal failed and it is time to start all over.

Pro Tip: If you get the support of delegates to approve your proposal in the proposal phase, you will get approved faster. You can also do the same when it is "At-Vote" since delegates' votes count in proportion to their endorsement count (i.e., a WAD with forty endorsements will get forty votes counted in addition to his own one vote).

Pro Tip: If you make sure to incorporate the edits of the people who comment on your proposal forum topic, it is more likely to get delegate approval and support. It is best to take the advice of the GenSec members who might comment on your proposal topic.


1. How hard is it to sign up? Not hard at all! You just need to click a few buttons and check your email.

2. How much does it cost? No fees or costs at all. Just a little bit of your time.

3. What else is the WA used for? It can be used for all kinds of things, one of which is raiding and defending, the only military function possible on NationStates.

4. Can I have multiple nations in the WA? Nope, there are site rules against that. Don't try and outsmart the mechanics of the site; you can get booted from the game for repeat offenses.

5. How come people won't endorse me back? This is where patience comes in. Sometimes you'll just have to wait for people to log back on and endorse you. Some, sadly, won't. Just know that you are improving the region's influence and power.

6. Who should I endorse? Everyone, if you can. Most regions will have an open endorsement policy that allows you to endorse everyone in the region. If not, check your region's rules about endorsement caps and endorsing the delegate.

7. I have 14 people endorsing me, but the game only says 12! The game updates every 12 hours (at 1200 and 0000 EST), so just wait for the next update and your endorsements will update.

Created by New Jaedonstan. Do not replicate, in whole or in part, without express permission. If you have found this dispatch to be helpful and informational, please consider upvoting and sharing with your friends!

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