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by The Firebranded First Minister of Dictator Anna 10. . 63 reads.

Very Important Announcement

2020 FEBRUARY 12[/b]

Everyday, doors open. Likewise, we find that doors close. Doors even slam shut before our faces as we narrowly missed the opportunity to walk through the entrance, but today a door that has been closed many times has been walked through for one particular individual....

That person is me, of course. 

So with that, I'd like to award [nation]Lethodus[/nation] with the title of my favorite nation. It was a long way coming for this nation. Several years of cte-ing and neglect, but it has now found its place within the wide world of nationstates....that is of course being my favorite child. 

So [nation]Lethodus[/nation], (aka me) I present you with the following blank png to use and brag about as seen necessary. Now go out into the world and be the favorite. 


Now please go and congratulate [nation]Lethodus[/nation] on this achievement.

Thank you for your time.

Leader, But Don't Fact Check That
Not a 10 Year Old 
Certified Not Important Person[/b]