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RP reply-Fantasy roleplay


"-But, as I said, she didn't have the pin. It was on her desk just as I predicted." Arna spoke calmly to her father, Tyra Arfa distantly smiled at that story. He was more aware of his surroundings today, Arna was making sure of that with her many stories to keep Tyra Arfa engaged and with her for just a moment longer. Tyra Arfa looked over to her and spook verbally, "I do hope her pride wasn't hurt that much!" Arna chuckled and clutched her father's hand, "Oh her pride definitely wasn't hurt. As she went to grab the pin she reached into her coat and what did she pull out? Another pin!" Arna smiled, "She ended up fooling me the entire time father!" Tyra Arfa laughed at that comment.

It was at this moment a thought interrupted the minds of the 2 individuals. A Psychomancer speaking of an elven host sailing fast for the coastline had just entered the barrier. No action has been done yet. Tyra Arfa sighed and strained his thoughts towards the psychomancer. "Figure out the identity of this elf. While they are no enemies there are many elves who have been known to partake in treachery. If that is so we cannot allow them to reach the coastline. Eliminate them if they are hostile." The brief conversation between the 2 people, communicating telepathically through the Empyrean, was too much strain on Tyra Arfa. Sagging as bit and convulsing from a seizure Arna grabbed her father before he could fall and shouted for Lin. When he arrived he saw the situation, "Lin. My father is in no situation to walk around. I have to make sure he is alright." The proceeding thoughts gave way to an elf from a book and the face Lin with an emotion of request flooding into Lin's mind. Understanding perfectly the Fälor nodded his head and returned with a thought of, "Of course. I will see to it the elves are greeted." Lin turned and sighed as he quickly went to his quarters to find something to greet the first visitors to their country in almost 500 years. From his room, he could sense the thoughts of Tyra Arfa and Arna speaking telepathically, "I must speak with them." Tyra Arfa implied, "No father, you are too ill. Tomorrow, after you rest, you can greet them. They will understand." Arna replied.

The mental shout heard later resounded throughout Lin's mind, causing him to clutch his head at the single thought reverberating throughout:
"No! They will not understand! They will simply see me here, barely alive, and they will think us weak! Try to exploit us! It will lead to more deaths! No! I will not allow it!"

The forcefulness of Tyra Arfa's response did not beckon a reply and Arna fell silent before a muffled voice could verbally be heard from beyond his door. Lin tried to ignore the thoughts that sought to infest his mind and after getting his clothes on, quickly exited the palace for the Great Library and read up on elven history, and some elven cultures around the world, so he could make sure he was ready for whatever elven nation decided to greet them. he would have only a couple hours if the elves were already across the barrier but a Fälor can understand an entire book by just using the Empyrean to glean the words and thoughts of every page simultaneously. Feeling the emotion and intent written into them they can go through books very quickly with that strategy.


The psychomancers analyzed the surface thoughts of the elves onboard the ships. Something was preventing them from reaching deeper in their minds, it was no intentional, nor even instinctual barrier to their psychic powers, simply a very zealous thought so powerful throughout all of them it was enough to catch the attention of the psychomancers. The thought though gave them alarm, for the single thought in their heads was the unstoppable determination to reach their lands no matter what. This worried the psychomancers for these elves could be enemies, determined to raid their coastlines for info or wealth. But the music they were playing, in a language they couldn't understand, not without delving deeper into the thoughts of the elves, which would be invasive, did bring mention of the Fälor. was their understanding that as of 350 years after the Sauronnic Wars, most mortal realms did not know they still existed. After mulling it over they deemed the risk of attack was too much to not enter their minds fully. If a couple of elves died it was none of their concern. If they were hostile, they nipped a problem in the bud, and if they were friendly, they would understand the intrusion. Their leader was the obvious choice for delving deeper, he would have more information. The Great Psychomancer Jyn Fal would take the lead, while another couple dozen would go through the minds of everyone else.

Without warning Jyn Fal pushed deeper into the mind of the Elven leader, their barrier, obviously something subconscious fell like it was nothing and Jyn Fal was suddenly one with the elf, Carathir, as was his name. He could feel every thought, emotion, belief, and memory the elf was feeling. It always felt relieving to enter the mind of someone else to a psychomancer. While Fälor culture gravely frowned upon non-consensual mind reads, the psychomancers still felt freedom this way, they could feel another body not their own...feeling things not their own. One could almost view it as a drug were the Fälor Psychomancers not trained from near birth to handle their duties with responsibility. Without a second thought, Jyn Fal rapidly went from thought to thought. Before he found what he was looking for..."They wish access to our Great Library?" he thought to himself. But at least they weren't hostile and so with a single thought, he eased up on his invasive mind read to give the poor guy some relief. The remaining psychomancers doing the same. But they still had access to their thoughts so Jyn Fal delved ever deeper and deeper to find motivations why they would come to seek the knowledge of the Great Library.

As the ship sailed onward Jyn Fal sighed, such an active person, so many memories in the last 500 years alone. He reached a memory of the Sauronnic war and decided to delve into that memory. Suddenly, embarrassment swept over the Great Psychomancer. He was a fool for not making the connection earlier! This was the same Carathir from legend! The one who led the southern-coalition to victory against Sauron! Coming to cash in on a 550-year-old debt. Jyn Fal quickly exited the mind of Carathir and relayed this info to Tyra Arfa, then Arna, the Lin upon hearing of the temporary interruption of the chain of command. He then went to the mind of the elf Carathir and relayed an apology to him, explaining the elves zealousness in their goal made them cautious and deemed it a necessary risk to protect their people. Jyn Fal telepathically spoke to Carathir in Luksori, while he personally had no knowledge of the Luksori language, nor did anyone else in the Order having combed through the thoughts of the Luksor Elves they could use the elves knowledge of the language to fluently speak telepathically in their native tongue. With that sorted, all that remained was to await their arrival in Thal. And for a new page in Fälor history, to be made.