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Grand Avalon Fundamental Law

[center][b]A Proclamation of the Fundamental Law[/b][/center]

Archibald I, by the power given from the people, King of Grand Avalon and Sovereign of all dominions under the Crown, do proclaim, as the Fundamental Law of the Kingdom as following;

That all powers shall forever be invested in a line of King, who have reigned Grand Avalon since its founding. That such powers may be delegated and subsequently abrogated at an King's will alone. That an King has a duty to reign for the good of His realm, and that His prerogative to do so shall be unchallenged by His subjects.

Proclaiming further, that this Fundamental Law shall override all legislation previously enacted within Our realm.

Finally proclaiming that none but an King, having legally ascended to the Crown, may alter this Fundamental Law.

Signed by Our His Majesty on the day of the Twenty two of October, in the year Two Thousand and Nineteen of the Common Era.