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Duchy of Vioney-GoT: Montealba Edition

The Grand Duchy of Vioney, and its Ducal House of Wintree, was one of the founding regions of Montealba. Its holdings used to stretch along the western coastline of Lake Fico near Stuyevka where their people cultivated a rare and unique plant known as "cherries" which helped strengthen its economy and make it one of the most powerful fiefdoms in Montealba. During the reign of Grand Duke Sassara II they had even married into the throne and were destoned to shepherd in the next era of Kings of Montealba. But after a disagreement between the King and Grand Duke turned violent after rising tensions due to the death of the heir of Montealba and Vioney the Root Beerians living there were forced out if their homes and the ducal land was seized. All the cherry trees were burned down and seeds were either destroyed or lost...except for one.

Fast forward 76 years and the Root Beerians have been prosecuted and driven up to the Coldian lands in the north near Buzhan. It was hear where they made their stand to not be driven out completely. Led by Knight Stannis Wintree I the Root Beerians overthrew the local Duke who resided in present day Anise and managed to seize and maintain control over his holdings forcing the crown to recognize and reform the Duchy of Vioney. The 1 surviving Cherry seed was planted in Anise and has grown in the castle ever since providing fruit and more seeds to be cuktivated and turned into a rumoured magical drink among traditional Root Beerians. The tree has since become a symbol of Vioney and Root Beerian tenacity and is the most protected item in the Duchy.

Coat of Arms:

Family Tree(faded names are deceased):

Notable Members:
Banra Wintree III:
Ruler of Vioney since the death of his father Banra's rule shows an instability never before seen since the Grand Duchy first fell. With no legitimate heirs many people are apprehensive in his decisions and plotters roam his courts for if his 2 daughters do not marry the throne will be left open for claimants to battle over. Despite these worries he has continued leading Vioney through a Ducal Golden Age and his charisma is one which is known to defuse any situation that may arise.

Cybil tou Adirondack: The Older sister to Banra Cybil was prevented from ascending to the throne of Vioney due to her gender and has held a grudge with her younger because of that since she believes she deserves the crown as the eldest legitimate child despite her gender. She married Phillip, Lord Regent of the Knights of Adirondack and has inherited their lands. Since the inheritance she has become more content and a strong ally of the crown. But it still doesn't mean she may not try to take advantage of the situation if Banra dies without a legitimate heir.

Recher Wintree: Lord of the Knights of Chenar. Recher is technically heir to the throne of Vioney. That position came after his father, Alexander, was executed for treason. To not seem suspicious and to continue his position Recher himself gave the order as leader of the Ducal Guards for Banra. But the apparent betrayal doesn't mean he is loyal to Banra, in fact it is quite the opposite. He was originally allied with his father as a spy but once it was clear he would lose and be executed he switch-sides and began cozying up to the Duke to find the right time to strike and take the throne for himself and avenge his father. His disloyalty isn't very hidden though and so Banra keeps him at arms reach at all times. If it weren't for Recher's prestigious and powerful position he would exiled from Vioney very quickly but alas; Banra will have to find another way to deal with Recher or else he may just find a knife in his back...

Military capabilities:
Despite Vioney's relative wealth as the region where most of the sea-trade in Montealba enters the only professional soldiers the Duchy has are the Naval Guard. A small navy that protects Montealba's, and Vioney's, interests along the coastline and abroad and accounts for 90% of Montealba's naval force. The only other land forces maintained are 2 Knightly orders; The Adirondacks, headed by Phillip tou Adirondack in Castle Adirondack, and the Knights of the Sagan Tree in Anise headed by the reigning Duke, but commanded by, typically, the heir to Vioney. These heavy infantry and cavalry are the most elite forces capable to be mustered in Vioney and the roughly 1,000 Knights(700 Adirondacks, 300 Sagan) are responsible for protecting all of Vioney's internal interests. A tall order but the typical day-to-day handling of protection and security are managed at the local level by volunteer militia which, while untrained, can be called up in times of war. The current estimates show that up to 3,000 militiamen could be called up for war.

Naval Guard:
Commanded By-Admiral Konstantine Ballas
Fielded by roughly 1,500 people
Maintain 32 ships of various sizes divided into 2 groups.
2 1st class-Large Ships. Typically carry 7 ballistas and 750 crew & raiders.
7 2nd Class-Medium ships typically carry 5 ballistas. Carry 400 Crew & Raiders
10 3rd Class-Medium-ish ships. Typically carry 3 ballistas. Carry 250 Crew & Raiders
13 Patrol Boats- Small ships, carry 1 ballista. Carry 100 Crew & raiders.
Flag/CoA-Wintree CoA above a blue-red diagonally segmented banner

The Adirondack Knights:
Marshall of the Knights-Phillip tou Adirondack
Commander-Phillip tou Adirondack
Field roughly 700 Knights
Flag/CoA-blue background divided in 4 by a gold cross. A gold 6 sided star in top right and bottom left, left facing gold trout top left and bottom right.

The Knights of the Sagan Tree:
Marshall of the Knights-Banra Wintree III
Commander-Recher Wintree
Field roughly 300 soldiers
Flag/CoA-A white background with red cherry and green stem in middle.

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