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by The Colony of Ravioli Representative. . 89 reads.

Imperial Decrees

Imperial Decrees

His Majesty's 1st Imperial Decree: Citizenship Decree

Article I: Acquiring Citizenship

Section I
All nations which are residents of the New Yellow Empire, and are a part of the World Assembly, shall be considered citizens.

Section II
Residents which are not a part of the World Assembly may be granted a waiver by proving that they already have a World Assembly nation, and where this World Assembly nation is. One person may have no more than 1 nation as a citizen in this region. Additional waivers may be granted to nations which have proven helpful and loyal to the New Yellow Empire in the past.

Article II: Running for Office and Voting

Section I
Citizenship shall be a requirement to run for office.

Section II
Citizenship shall be a requirement to vote on elections.

Signed by Ravioli Representative on February 23rd 2019

His Majesty's 2nd Imperial Decree: Political Parties Decree

Article I: Legalization of Political Parties

Section I
The creation of political parties in the New Yellow Empire shall be legal.

Section II
Any citizen nation shall be guaranteed the right to form or join a political party.

Section III
In order to make your political party official, you must create a factbook detailing it's principles and ideals, as well as to list your party's membership on the bottom of the factbook. Parties which follow these requirements will have the right to be listed on the political party factbook, organized by his majesty.

Signed by Ravioli Representative on February 24th 2019

His Majesty's 3rd Imperial Decree: Government Offices Decree

Article I: Creation of the position of Prime Minister

Section I
The Position of Prime Minister shall hereby be created, it shall serve as the head of the government and shall preside over the Cabinet.

Section II
Elections for Prime Minister shall occur once every 3 months, the Prime Minister shall be directly elected by the citizens. If no candidate receives 50% plus one then a runoff will occur.

Section III
The Prime Minister reserves the right to hire and fire any minister with approval of the majority of the population through a regional poll.

Section IV
The Prime Minister may propose bills, which shall be voted on directly by the citizens of the region through a regional poll. If they obtain a majority they shall become law. Laws are to be considered below imperial decrees.

Article II: Creation of Ministries

Section I
The Positions of: Minister of Defence, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Culture shall hereby be created. The Minister of Defence shall serve as the head of the Imperial Army, and shall have the main duty of organizing raiding and defending related activities. The Minister of Foreign Affairs shall have the main duty of taking care of the Imperium's diplomatic relations, by establishing new embassies and allies. The Minister of Culture shall have the main duty of organizing regional events, moderating the RMB and making government announcements.

Section II
Ministers shall have the authority to propose bills which are related to their respective functions designated on Article I Section I of this imperial decree. These bills shall be voted on on directly by the citizens of the region through a regional poll, much like the Prime Minister's bills.

Article III: Direct Democracy

Section I
Bills may be proposed by citizens, so long as they have the signature of a total of 3 citizens. These bills shall folow the same procedure as the bills proposed by the Prime Minister.

Signed by Ravioli Representative on February 27th 2019

His Majesty's 4th Imperial Decree: Imperial Rights

Article I: Guaranteed rights for citizens

Section I
Rights guaranteed to citizens of the New Yellow Empire:

  1. Right to freedom of speech, so long as it doesn't violate NationStates rules, Imperial Decrees or other Regional Laws.

  2. Right to freedom of the press, citizens shall be allowed to create and publish a newspaper without interference, prevention, punishment, regulation or reprisal from the government.

  3. Freedom to protest, petition, distrust, campaign in opposition or file against the government shall not be infringed upon.

  4. The right to run for public office.

  5. The right to form or join a political party.

  6. The right to vote in elections.

Signed by Ravioli Representative on March 5th 2019

His Majesty's 5th Imperial Decree: Impeachment Procedures

Article I: Impeachment Procedures

Section I
The Prime Minister and the Ministers shall be impeachable government officials.

Section II
Any minister may propose the impeachment of any other minister or of the PM. The PM may not propose the impeachment of any ministers, as he already reserves the right to fire ministers under the 3rd imperial decree. With the approval of 3 regular citizens an impeachment process may also be opened.

Section III
Impeachment procedures shall be voted on by the people directly, and shall require two thirds of the total number of votes in order to pass.

Article II: Impeachable Offenses

Section I
The Prime Minister and the Ministers may be impeached for:

  1. Fraud: Posing as somebody else in any way (including creating a puppet with a specific name, changing flags, falsifying documents etc) in order to obtain goods or services.

  2. Treason: Undermining or endangering the safety of the New Yellow Empire, or leaking government information to other regions.

  3. Blackmail: Releasing or threatening to release any information, true or false, which may damage one’s reputation, in order to get one to act in a certain way, which is dictated by the blackmailer.

  4. Puppet Voting: Utilizing of puppets in order to attempt to pass laws, impeachments or win elections.

  5. Failure to Work: Failing to properly execute the duties of the position being held by the person.

Signed by Ravioli Representative on March 18th 2019