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[quote=zukchiva;34403102][spoiler=Showtime; Part 1]"Ten thousand of our boys and gals are stuck in [nation]Osterreich und Ungarn[/nation] and have cut off communication from us." Says the Minister of Defense, wiping his brow on his arm. "They should've jurry-rigged communications by now, but I'm guessing they've been fending off raids."

Zoyral frowns and wipes his hands on his pants. "What's stopping them from coming home?" The Minister of Defense shrugs slightly and shakes his head.

"My guess? They wish to discreetly force us to send troops there and form a government there of some sort, or at least send some aid." The Minister of Economics raises her eyebrows. 

"Really? I'm surprised that they're actually doing that. Wouldn-"

"The Commander over there probably ordered them not too." Betty purses her lips and nods. She looks slightly pissed off.

"Thanks for cutting in sir. That still doesn't make much sense." The Minister of Defense rolls his eyes- to Betty's astonishment. Betty looks at him angrily, before looking back at Zoyral. "Still, what should we do?" Zoyral leans back into his chair and closes his eyes. For a moment, his mind flashes through all the facts he knows, before opening his mouth.

"How many people are living in the first stage distribution occupation zone?" The Director of Zukchivan Intellegence Office snaps open his eyes: he was sleeping throughout the first half of the meeting. "Huh- what?" He asks sheepishly. Zoyral nods at the Director. "Make sure to take more rest, Alex." Zoyral then nods at the map infront of them.

"How many people are living in that area?" Alex seals his lips and leans over the map; his eyes dancing over the paper. Leaning back, he nods to himself before looking at Zoyral. "200 million people there, about." Zoyral nods and sighs.

"Then we shall send one million soldiers there to take control of the region."

For a moment, pin drop silence is heard. If a person was to walk in, all they would hear would be the breathing of some of the most powerful people of Zukchiva. Then, the Defense Minister makes a choking sound and breaks the wall of silence.



"Our President has gone insane..."


Zoyral waits patiently as their anger belts out of their mouths at the speed of trains. Eventually, the cabinet calms down and Zoyral presses on.

"There are three main reasons to do this." Zoyral begins, looking each Minister in the eye. "The first is to get our boys back home." The Minister of Defense nods heavily. "Second, we must give the people of Osterreich und Ungarn some law and order under democracy. While brave men and women are trying to restore order, stores are being robbed. People are being murdered. Infrastructure is being destroyed in short-term rage. Terrorism reigns. By the time law and order is restored, they'll have way less of the governmental infrastructure than they would if Zukchiva arrives and helps them to protect some of it."

He looks into each of the Ministers' eyes again, not speaking to let his point sink in. After hearing no objections, he continues. "The third reason, is that we must gain more soldiers, more military, a better union. On all fonts, we are surrounded be enemies. If we could take this territory and turn it into a state, that problem is slightly alleviated from our shoulders." He sighs and takes a deep breath. "This is why I proposed to make New Zukchiva a state not too long ago, and to give the states more autonomy. [sup]1[/sup] We need the Union to be true and secure more than ever. This would help us, and help them."

The other Ministers nod, but Alex shakes his head slightly. "What if they wish to get their land back? What if they decide to form their own nation?" Zoyral nods at Alex. "They would have 50 years to decide what they want to do. They can accept any offer to join anyone else. If they refuse, we will do our utmost to protect them. If they accept the offer, they will be given to the other nation, and Zukchiva will watch to make sure the agreement is kept." He smiles slightly. "If they wish, they can vote to join the Union permanently and never leave. They can also vote to leave Zukchiva's protection at any point. It's their choice completely."

Betty smiles in approval but then drops her smile as a thought comes to her. She looks at Zoyral pointedly. "What if Kampf or that Commonwealth try to take it from us?" Zoyral taps his finger against the table. "If the people vote for joining that Commonwealth, they will join it. If not, we will not allow Kampf to take the land. If Kampf wishes to cement their position as a horrible nation, then they are free to try and take it from our protection and defense."

The Minister of Defense nods, oddly silent. "What shall we name this new state?"

Zoyral sighs. "It shall be named Ungarn der Ehre, Hungary's Honor. We shall remember Osterriech und Ungarn, for they were a great nation with many faults and many dreams." He nods to himself.

"May the Honour Party rest in peace."[/spoiler]

[sup]1[/sup]Due to this roleplay being concoted literally in the shower, Zoyral shall have asked the House of Representatives to accept New Zukchiva as a state and to give states their own larger governments (akin to US states, rahter than the 6 person gov. they have rn) about one and a half weeks ago. New Zukchiva is currently holding a referendum, and the amendment to the Constitution is currently being voted on by the states. Just not roleplayed though. ;)[/quote]
[quote=zukchiva;34403461][Spoiler=Showtime; Part 2]Pablao pats the back of the truck and watches as she is loaded up onto one of Zukchiva's carrier planes. He always feels sad when he sees his trucks go away from him, but he knows it is inevitable. He is one of Zukchiva's most pecuilar mechanics, in that he can tell if he worked on any car, and even when he worked on it and what model it was with an 80% accuracy. It always pained him dearly to see his vehicles destroyed. The closest he could describe the feeling to was that of a mother seeing her 5 month old baby dead in a foreign country, away from her arms.

Whenever he sent off his vehicles, he always goes to the bar and gets a drink. Recently, Palbao had been trying to get a drink from where his vehicles were travelling.

However, Pablao didn't know the destination of his babies. He quickly apprehends the pilot and asks him where the plane is heading. After learning that it is Osterreich und Ungarn, Palbao nods at the pilot and leaves to go back to the garage to help with the loading of the other vehicles.

He'd always wanted to try some German beer.[/spoiler][/quote]
[quote=zukchiva;34407463][spoiler=Showtime; Part 3]Lark listens to the slow [i]ruuuuumble[/i] of the tank as it moves forward. Usually, he would be waving hello to startled citizens, or keeping watch for any enemies. Which is why he always enjoyed tank rides. The feeling of power, of glory, of [i]strength[/i] always gave him such a huge kick to which nothing else could compare.

However, right now, Lark would rather be at home. Sipping a cup of coffee and looking at the daily news. Not the scene he looks upon now.

It has yet to be a week, but the city is already in ruins. As the tank moves through the streets, Jack can see a few dead bodies hidden in allies. Looking up at the sky reveals to him a trailing line of smoke; evidence of what used to be large fires. Whatever happened here, it was devastating on the country.

Lark had heard of the reports in the mission briefing. He still couldn't actually believe it. Osterreich und Ungarn collapsing? It seemed impossible, yet he looks upon the destruction of an innocent city, akin to a war torn battlefield.

As the tank crests over a broken piece of road, Lark sees an OU flag covered with burn holes and marks, lying on the ground. It covers some dead bodies- many of which are wearing suits.
He can't help as his face cringes at the grisly sight. He was a soldier, yes, but no soldier he knows would ever get used to the sight of dead innocents.

As he continues to look around, his ears pick up a slight shuffling noise from one of the buildings in their path. As the noise gets louder, Jack looks around at the surrounding construction, wondering where it was coming from. [i]What[/i] It is coming from.

Then he hears a loud [i]SNAP[/i], as a bullet pings right next to his head. Lark yelps and jumps down into the tank cabin, throwing the hatchet down and locking it quickly, even as another bullet pings.


He sits and huffs. Whatever he was expecting to get from his mission, it was not a gunshot wound.[/spoiler][/quote]