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Welcome to Utopia

Jolitopia is an Empire that has persevered for ten thousand years. The founder of the Empire was the man who discovered fire. Upon introducing fire to the human race, they rightfully selected him as their new Emperor and he built the single, greatest Empire from which all other Empires came from. That man's name was Joli the Flamebringer.

Jolitopia is a beautiful Empire, whose borders are currently smaller than they rightfully should be. The country has a natural beauty unrivaled by any other nation. Mountain ranges and flowing rivers are a treat for the eyes and the sky is always blue. It only rains when the great Emperor himself decrees the sky to rain, so bounty is always plentiful.

Jolitopia's beauty is not just natural however. The industrious and hardworking people of Jolitopia are the greatest of great builders and have built the greatest cities in the World. One such city is the Capital of Jolitopia, Boniapolis. It is a city which seamlessly combines the grandiose intricacies of Ancient architecture with modern apartment-building style skyscrapers. In the center of the city stands erect a marble and gold statue of our first, and to-date only, Emperor, Joli himself.

Around the country, is built an ancient wall whose beauty and grandeur rivals (and surpasses) the "Great" Wall of China. On the wall are posted guards 24/7 keeping the undesirables out and protecting the beauty of Jolitopia.