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PAWS Awards

The Pacifican World Assembly Security Initiative

What are PAWS awards?

PAWS awards are the means by which Pacifica celebrates those who have most contributed to our security/WA initiative. They are given out at the first and fifteenth of every month. Several different kinds of awards exist, and are described in latter parts of this dispatch. It should be noted that guardians are not eligible for endorsement-based awards, and that the President is not eligible for any of these awards. To find out how to participate, check out this dispatch:

The Pacifican World Assembly Security Initiative

⚔ Keep Pacifica Safe!

As a region involved actively in a fight against the oldest authoritarian regime on NationStates, Pacifica is under threat! Should our founder cease to exist, or a border control agent turn out to be a sleeper cell, we need to protect ourselves! PAWS acts as a pre-emptive security measure against those who would crush the light of democracy on NationStates.

🔱 What Is PAWS?

PAWS, or "The Pacifican World Assembly Security Initiative", is a means by which Pacifica seeks to increase its World Assembly endorsement count. The government of Pacifica is empowered to award those who comply and/or exceed its standards with badges and medals in order to encourage residents to participate in making the region safer for everyone.

📜What Is The World Assembly?

The World Assembly is the NationStates equivalent of the United Nations. It plays a role in the policies that are passed in your nation through resolutions. While it is optional to join, the World Assembly’s role in regional security should make it a priority for you. To join the World Assembly, check out our dispatch on the matter: page=dispatch/id=1142747

✊ How Can My Nation Help?

Here's a few things that can get you points:

🤔 But How Do Those Items Help?

In the old days of NationStates, griefing was a lot more common, and mods couldn't distinguish the griefers from a legitimate political struggle at times. So, the mods decided to permit griefing, but make it more difficult. Influence is the means by which NationStates regions can protect themselves from griefers.

Your nation gains influence every 12 hours, during game updates. It gains one influence per update, plus one more for each endorsement you have. It takes influence to eject and/or ban nations, and the influence required is proportional to the amount of influence that nation has. Every nation that endorses our President and guardians gives them more power to ban troublemakers, and every nation that endorses more nations makes it harder for griefers to come and eject those nations!


This Dispatch Sponsored by the Secretary General.

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Endotarting Awards

Those endorsing the most people in the region are awarded with the bronze, silver, or gold award. Gold awards are given to those who have 60-100% of other WA nations (currently 94+ nations). Silver awards are given to those who have endorsed 30-60% of WA nations (currently 47+ nations). Bronze awards are given to those who have endorsed 10-30% of WA nations (currently 16+ nations).
Security Endorsement Award

Those who have endorsed Secretary General Cataluna are given the privilege of having the Security Endorsement Award

Solidarity Award

Those who have voted with Cataluna on all General Assembly and Security Council resolutions are given the Solidarity Award.

Outreach Award

Those who share the PAWS dispatch, this dispatch, or any other PAWS-related dispatches with new people to Pacifica will have a point given to them each time (please be sure to follow the RMB and discord rules!). The top three contributors in this manner will be given the Outreach Award.

This Dispatch Sponsored by the Secretary General.

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