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WD40 | Eurasian League

Eurasian League

Vice Commander
Islands of Washington (Japan)

Pandoska (Persian Empire)
Hong Kong Empire (Tsardom of Muscovy)

Member States
Theocracy of Isobania (Sub-Asian Union)
Azenyanistan (Philippines)
[nation=short+noflag][/nation] ()
Lyxtovia (Karadeniz Nationalist Republic)

Allied Nations/Pacts


Conquered Nations

~ Those we've conquered ~


Eursian League Objectives

~ Militaristic and Economic Dominance In Asia | Spread Influence
~ Military Protection and Distribution Between all Member Nations
~ Militaristic Interest and Spending
~ Economic Integration
~ Autocratic Legacy


The Asian League was founded on the ideals of establishing a powerful influence in Asia; hence,
its large--combined--economic and militaristic presence. Furthermore, the League works tirelessly on bringing about the strong revolution of all working citizens, one class. Atop equality, the pact strives to spread autocratic ideologies as a way to boost militarism. Mobilized and armed, the League aims to restructure Asia in a more powerful position and guide it towards a bright future.

Warning: Do not declare war on another nation without the clear consent of the Formal Leader and
Vice Commander. If refuting to do so, you will not receive aid from the league (as aggressor).

Newest News - 1/27/89
None as of right now

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