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Election 2020: Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls 18.0%, Caelapes 11.4%, Kuriko 10.4%, McMasterdonia 6.1%, The Bigtopia 4.9%, Jocospor 3.4%, Valentine Z 2.8%, Wymondham 2.8%, Racoda 2.4%, Giovanniland 1.7%, 9003 1.7%



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Yellow Imperial Provinces

Long live Ravio! Ave praeclara omnibus flavo Imperii gentium domitorem orbis!

Yellow Imperial Provinces:

Ravioli Foundation

The Empire of Greater Raxus

Raxus Empire

Regions which currently belong to the Yellow Empire, but do not have strong military presence:

Region which belonged to the Yellow Empire at one point:

Iberian Empire

Old New Tiamat

East Antarctica

The United Nations of Justopia II

Honorable South Sea League

Black Mesa