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Health Issues (memory)

Since this Factbook got 26 upvotes by the time I got discharged, I think I'm going to cherish this one forever, for my memory

So.... here we are, but first, lemme break this down

Remember when I mentioned that I got Malaria? It came back, and it got worse, it makes my chest feels like being pushed slowly for sometimes, plus fatigued on my leg from a marathon run, I go to check up yesterday, and doctor said I need to get warded, so now, I'm literally typing this on phone, and for everyone, no need to feel sad, I'm gonna fight through this

love you all :3

i wake up with blood tube connecting into my hand, wearing the hospital clothes and heartbeat monitor beeping, thanks my mother, cousin and Marty to accompany me, my mother told me that my heart blood line was clogged and needed an operation, which is, several hours from the time this Factbook was updated, one more, thanks for caring for me, Deerfenland, no need to apologise, you didn't do anything (also, I'm not in Beijing, that's my homeland, I'm somewhere near the country, thanks for the airliner and I like the songs).

Still love you guys :3

Doctor said the surgery went well, but my heart blood line was so clogged with fat, I'm shocked as I'm just 56kg, and for the gout, he said it can be treated with putting ice, or eating anti flamming what pills, but thanks for your support, I'm still going through around.... 2 or 3 more surgery before getting some rest and discharged, love you guys

*hugs everyone*

When I opened my eyes, I feel a line of pain, a thin one, I tried to feel it but my mom fast to stop it, says that "its still sensitive" a few hours pass and then I logged in, still lying at the bed, doctor also said that the next surgery will be delayed to Saturday so the stitched cut would be less pain, but eh, I'm doing great, I only can lean between 45 and 15

Love your support

My leg just hurts, it just keeps twitching and doesn't want to end, the doctor asked me if I take any drugs, of course I said no, I'm not high enough to get to the moon, so he just put a strap on my leg and leave it there, my mom said this can teach the muscle organ in my leg to stay still and don't reach to pain too much, I wonder, maybe i ate too much sugar?

Love you guys again *kiss forehead*

The doctor sometimes makes mistake, one, they said I need a surgery for the gout, two, they said I can be discharged, my mother was confused, but I'm more confused, anyway, the REAL doctor, which is the head of all doctors, came and confirm I can be discharged, but I must sit on wheelchair because my leg are really making a pain out of me

Thank you for your prayers and wishes guys! Thank you very much!

Thank you guys, thank you for everything, the prayers, the posts, the upvotes, the factbooks, everything, you all cared for me, in return, I shall think of something, there's nothing left but thanks from me

- hugs, kisses, headpat's and gratitude from Asthy :3