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Somner: Face to Face | 3rd Swedish Empire

Somner: Face to Face
Sit Down With Senator The 3rd Swedish Empire
By: Somner, Former Constructivist Senator
For Princess News

............As far as third parties go, the Nationalists have quite the reputation of their own. Some of it true, half of it false, the truth may lie somewhere down the middle. The party's current Deputy Chairman helps to shed light on the topic. A Senator, and once a candidate for Prime Minister, The 3rd Swedish Empire has made an effort to be a political influener in the New Western Atlantic. But who is he really? That isn't always so clear. So we sat down with him.

"Would Atlanticans notice if
[Nationalists] disappeared tomorrow?"

Somner: Welcome Senator, lets jump right in. You are a Nationalist, a notable third party who has never seen the Premiership nor has been the largest party in the Senate. Is your party important? Would Atlanticans notice if it disappeared tomorrow?

The 3rd Swedish Empire: I would say we are important, as the third largest party in the region and combined 3rd largest party in the senate also in the ruling coalition I think people would notice, we are far more important than before I became recruiter for Nat and deputy chairman. Since the leadership was plagued by inactivity

Somner: What changes have you made if any, besides increased activity, to grow the party in such a way? Do you think this will launch the Nats to gold in the future?

The 3rd Swedish Empire: Iíve moved the party a bit closer to the Center to disassociate the party with the far right, I changed the manifesto a bit, changed both logo and name but most importantly changed the roster by increasing the numbers and actively recruiting for the party

Somner: Why aren't you a Constructivist, or an Activist, or even a Liberal Democrat? What makes the Nationalists different?

The 3rd Swedish Empire: We see things different and prioratises things differently, we focus on the regional identity and maintaining our sovereignty by not joining raider/defender alliances, the reason I am a Nationalist is that I value a nations identity

Somner: Do the other parties devalue or disregard the regional identity? How are your priorities different than, lets say the Constructivists' in promoting the region? I'd imagine some would read that answer and feel a bit slighted.

The 3rd Swedish Empire: I donít really know but I would say the care about the region but not really to the extent we do, we actively and publicly promote the region while some maybe promoting the region in other ways like bills

Somner: What of your Chairman? When is the last time we've seen him actively out promoting anything for that matter? For a party you say it centered around promoting the region, its founder is much more likely not to be seen at all.

The 3rd Swedish Empire: The chairman is another problem, that he is so inactive actively hurts the party so he isnít promoting, he hasnít actively promoted the party or the region so yeah it is kinda counterdictory what I said

Somner: Would you call yourself 'Acting Chairman'? You've clearly done much good for your party in Grand Rebels' absence. Do you plan to replace him if possible?

The 3rd Swedish Empire: I call myself de facto chairman which I am but only time will tell, if he for some reason CTE then I I will replace him but I donít have any plans about that as of this time

3rd Swedish Empire

Somner: Moving on, I'm sure you've seen Frost-Hammers announcement this morning confirming rumors that he is stepping down. There is some controversy regarding that decision, both on its timing and on his replacement. What are your thoughts on the situation?

The 3rd Swedish Empire: I think that he did the right thing if he is enlisting in the army like he said but I think actually announcing who the deputy wouldíve been after his election instead of so suddenly, thatís mostly what I think caused the controversy and that everyone expected Calponia to be DPM but instead it became Reformed Badad. I havenít really talked to him that often so I donít know what his experience are or how he is as a person but I do hope Frost-Hammer made a good choice choosing him

Somner: Do you think this will hurt Constructivists down the line, or will this come to pass? Is the controversy overblown by some?

The 3rd Swedish Empire: I think it might hurt the credibility of a Constructivist PM, but in time it might have blown over, some might overreact to the controversy like they did with the senate controversy but in time this will all be forgotten

Somner: Finally, what of the current Senate coalition? Its being challenged in court, called redundant by some, and may not even have the full support of the Constructivist caucus at the end of the day. You say?

The 3rd Swedish Empire: I think think it is a good idea by the compromise between the LibDems and CONs, I believe it is overreacting and saltiness that took over because the CONs didnít choose the Activists and Unity

Somner: Why shouldn't they have? Who are the Liberal Democrats to demand a Chancellorship?

The 3rd Swedish Empire: It was mostly Caucus Leader Josephtan and I think he had all right to declare chancellorship when they have been in deputy position for ages. I think breaking up a coalition is just idiotic

Somner: There has been talk that a feud between your party and Unity may have also added more hurdles to coalition forming, can you speak to that?[/i]

The 3rd Swedish Empire: Yeah it all started when Unity deputy Chairman Suternia began joking about me being a Nazi which I ainít, he has since apologised in DMs but unity has several times tried to slander our party which caused us to decide that we donít wanna enter a coalition with them

Somner: What do you think should be the Constructivists next step if the coalition is defeated in court?[/i]

The 3rd Swedish Empire: I think they should look back and see what they did wrong and then adjust accordingly

Somner: Finally, for something not so serious - the best place you've traveled, and why?[/i]

The 3rd Swedish Empire: Hmm the best place Iíve traveled too is either Scotland or Fontanblaue in France, both really beautiful places, I have otherwise never traveled much. One other contender would be Ramundberget Ski Resort during the winter

Somner: I feel shamed now for not ever having left the United States. Nonetheless, thanks for coming on - its been a pleasure Senator.[/i]

The 3rd Swedish Empire: Thank you for having me

Somner is an eight year NationStates veteran, once the Emperor of Westphalia and Rhinia and formerly a Constructivist Senator for the New Western Atlantic. Somner can be reached directly though Telegram.

The Actian State of Somner