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With current information Are delegate Fedele has 750 Endorsements contrary to his former 780 Endorsements. experts concluded that this is because of people not joining the world assembly. which is completely and utterly ridiculous because there are absolutely zero bad things that could come from joining the assembly. Still need convincing well here it goes

1: When you join the world assembly you will be able to have a say in issues all over the WORLD making your voice be heard from all corners of the globe

2: when you join the W.A you will be able to participate in the Very Government of TEP. helping draft and pass bills and legislation and also enforcing those SAME LAWS.

3: when you join the W.A you will be able to collect endorsement rising the ranks from a mere Hatchling to SUPERPOWER. but in order to do this you MUST Endorse are delegate Fedele Witch brings us to our next and final point

4: When you join the W.A You will be able to Protect are Region from invaders and raiders. but in order to do this, you MUST NO MATTER WHAT Endorse are Delegate Fedele and safeguard are a great region