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Immigration in Dovracshivengen.


The Ministry of Immigration divided immigrants to 4 categories as "Category A, Category B, Category C and Category D." This policies did not meant any racist thoughts.

Category A

-Can get citizenship
-Can buy properties
-Can have multiple citizenship
-Can start a business here
-Must be a native of Gregorian Area*
*Europe (including Caucasus but not Turkey, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Albania, B&H), Asia (Japan, Korea the South, China, Mongolia, Thailand and Taiwan), US (only European-Americans), Israel (only Israelis, not Arabs living in Israel) and Canada.

Category B

-Can get citizenship
-Can have properties
-Citizenship loss is possible
-Must learn Dovracshivenig
-Must withdrawn his nations citizenship to apply us
-Must have an IQ level above 70

Category C

-Can get citizenship
-Cannot have any properties
-Citizenship loss is possible and often in a case of crime (even shoplifting counted)
-Must learn Dovracshivenig
-Must learn Dovracshivenig Sign Language
-Must have an IQ level above 85

Category D

-Can get temporary citizenship
-Cannot become a resident
-Cannot have any properties
-Citizenship lasts 4 months
-Cannot be refreshed
-Must live in Immigrant Apartments
-Will be deported to her country after 4 months
-Cannot marry with a Dovracshivenig
-In a case of escape from the camp, can lose her citizenship
-Classified as "Refugees"
-Cannot have ID card