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The Mzeusian Voting Awareness Agency

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The Mzeusian Voting Awareness Agency

Due to the usually low voter turnout at elections, be they local or general, the Mzeusian Voting Awareness Agency (MVAA) has produced the following document. In this, we seek to answer the many questions you may have about voting, as well as inform you about the history of how Mzeusia gained the vote.

What is a vote?
A vote is a formal indication of a choice between two or more candidates or courses of action, expressed typically through a ballot

The history behind the vote
When the last member of the Nolaris family was killed by his bodyguard, the Thekephian Guard, with no heirs to replace him, powerful families began to plot, making plans to put a member of their family on the throne of Mzeusia. On the international scene, democracies had growing more popular, and some in Mzeusia believed that now was the time for Mzeusia to transition. The Thekephian Guard did not oppose this idea, and made it clear that they would welcome, and if need be, support a sufficiently popular democratic attempt.

The Endelions, a secretive organisation with bases all around Mzeusia, and several outside the country, were at this time led by a man called Phioris Zyrimedies. The Endelions were vehemently against the monarchy, thinking that Mzeusia had swapped out Thoonian oppression for Mzeusian oppression, making no difference to the lives of the people. To achieve their aims, they were usual content to work in the shadows and through subtle methods. Their newly-elected leader, however, was more impatient. Zyrimedies was a charismatic individual, who believed so fervently in throwing off the monarchical system, that he was willing to go further than all the other Endilions. When he saw that the old king had been killed, and that the famous Thekiephian Guard had pledged their support for a strong enough democratic movement, Zyrimedies set about creating that movement.

He stepped into the centre-stage of Mzeusian politics, harnessing the resources of the Endilions while keeping his membership a secret. Gathering up an army as hastily as he could, he marched at the head of it, to the then capital, Kephnosis, gaining support as he went. The families wanting a monarchy were disorganized and they failed to put up a united response. Instead, the Halsyus family marched against Zyrimedies, but due to their inferior numbers and Zyrimediesí superior tactics on the battlefield, Maronies Halsyus was defeated. He would not be executed, and in time, go on to do well under the democracy.

When Zyrimedies reached the palace that was the centre of the Mzeusian monarchy, he found a combined force of families that wanted the monarchy to remain in place. The Thekephian Guard, who had been spread around the country, had been recalled earlier on. They met the army outside the palace, and merged with it.

The high-ups in the army debated on the best course of action, and in the end, they sent an ultimatum to the entrenched monarchists. The monarchists were to surrender in two daysí time, or else the palace would be taken by force.

As a day went by, some of the families in the palace began to see that the popular support was not on their side, and even if a monarchy were established, it would be very hard to set up and maintain. This led to several families surrendering to the army, walking their men out of the palace. One of them, Limeon Aydiesis offered to join Zyrimediesí army. His offer was accepted, and when the deadline for surrendering came and went, he stormed the palace alongside the rest of the men. The fighting was vicious, but with the far superior forces invading the palace, the monarchists were defeated.

Over the next few months, Zyrimedies and the Endilions would guide Mzeusia into limited democracy, and that was how the first Mzeusian democracy was formed. Much later , women would achieve their voting rights, but that is a whole different story.

How to vote?
Now that you now the great sacrifice that had to be made in order for you to get the right to vote, you need to know how it is done.

There are three ways. You can either turn up at your local polling station and deliver your vote in person, fill in the voting form and post your vote, or you can have someone else you trust fill in the form for you, if you are unable to do the other two options.

Why being informed matters
Making an informed vote is crucial to you making the most out of your vote. Try to immerse yourself in the arguments of each candidate, and if possible, go along to hear debates and speeches that they are making. The only way to vote for someone you truly think will make your life and the country a better place, is to be an informed voter.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the MVAA.