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New Assembly Vote (10 January 2019)


Assembly Announcement


A proposal has been introduced to amend Article 3 of the LinkElections Act.

The debate thread can be found Linkhere, and the voting thread is Linkhere.

A motion and a second have been received to bring this amendment to a vote.

As this proposal is for an amendment to a constitutional law, the voting period is five days and will require a three-fifths supermajority to pass. The vote will end on 15 January, 2019, at 1:30 p.m. (UTC).

Note: Words highlighted in green indicates additions to the text. Contrastingly, words highlighted in red indicates subtractions.

(2) On the first of every January and July, the Assembly will convene for the first round of Delegate elections.
a. Any eligible legislator wishing to run for Delegate may declare their candidacy, and the Assembly will debate the merits of their platform. Any player who has been banned from World Assembly membership will be considered ineligible and any candidate who is later discovered to be banned from World Assembly membership will be immediately disqualified.
b. The campaign and debate period will last one week, after which the Assembly will vote for 3 days.
c. This round of voting for delegate will be conducted using Approval Voting.
c. d. The two candidates ranked first and second under IRV with the highest number of approvals will move to a second round of voting conducted via a a poll of Native World Assembly members.
e. Should the voting result in a tie, more than two nations may move onto the second round of voting.

(3) After receiving the top two candidates in the forum election, the sitting Delegate election commissioner will create a week-long regional poll accessible to Native World Assembly members, instructing them to vote for their preferred candidate.
a. A Dispatch containing the campaigns of both all candidates will be created to aid voters in their choice.
b. The candidate who wins a majority of the votes will be declared the Delegate-elect.
c. If no candidate wins a majority of votes, the top two candidates will be placed in a runoff election, mimicking the previous round of voting.

A reminder that to maintain Legislator Status, you must vote in at least half of the votes each month that there are two or more votes. (New legislators are exempt from votes they couldn't have been around for, of course.) Alternatively, if you have good reasons for absence, you may file a Linkleave of absence, or display other activity in the Assembly.