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Vote For SC resolution Commend Lyras

Security Council Vote Recommendation

Part of the Information for WA Voters program

Resolution at Vote: Commend Lyras
Vote Recommendation: For

Resolution Analysis
Lyras is a well-known figure in the RP community, commanding great respect, and possessing a highly influential style that has drawn the loyalty and alignment of numerous nations. Lyras' military power is undeniable and has proven to be a stabilizing force in times of conflict and turmoil. As a superpower, this military might has been used overwhelmingly as an ultimate force towards good, and always with a beneficial, strategic endgame in mind. Lyras is expert in military armament, custom manufacture, and is always open to educating fellow RPers, and to bringing an unprecedented technical expertise to the realm of play. With a presence dating back nearly to antiquity, Lyras' place in the stratocracy is undeniable, and their leadership in shaping the post-Jolt landscape has contributed to the thriving RP community enjoyed today.

For this reason, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this proposal.

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