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FAQ on Current Events

    What happened?

The current events are a culmination of several failed operations to muddle in the affairs of other regions, communication failures, and overall negligence.

After departing from the New Pacific Order several years ago following organizing the failed "New Lazarene Order" coup, Feux, A Mean Old Man, and Stujenske set about infiltrating and working their way up the ranks in Lazarus, Osiris, and The West Pacific. To the best of our knowledge these infiltrations were conducted independently by the individuals involved. Some time later the Senate became aware - at least in part - of Feux's identity and actions, neglected to disclose this information to the affected regions, and utilized his Adytus persona as a reserve in Lazarus in case Imki's rise to power there failed. The three of them eventually returned to NPO, Feux's 'Adytus' persona was laid to rest, and he was reappointed to the Senate in late September while AMOM and Stujenske held no involvement in governmental positions.

Former Senator Svezjacael also infiltrated The North Pacific, however the scope of his involvement there was limited; he gained citizenship, looked around a little, and gloated about it being spying.

Furthermore our Consul Pergamon and Senator Feux were in contact with a pair of individuals, Attero and Block, who had previously engaged in questionable out-of-character activities. Pergamon allowed Attero to remain in The Pacific and didn't rat him out in exchange for behaving. Feux encouraged Block to spy upon The Black Hawks. They neglected to report the identities of these individuals to the relevant regions they were members of and/or whose Discord servers they were hanging out on. To the best of our knowledge Pergamon was unaware of the full extent to Block's OOC activities apart from him being a forum destroyer and thus an "undesirable" who should not be allowed to in our halls. Feux, however, appears to have been close enough to chat on more personal mediums outside of Discord/the game/forums and thus likely was aware of more.

    What have we done about this?

Aleisyr, Pergamon, and Svezjacael have all retired and won't be reinstated. Aleisyr's transition out of the delegacy is in progress. Pergamon's nation will cease to exist in The Pacific per his wishes and he will not be allowed to return here. Svezjacael's nation has departed from our region but will be allowed to participate in nation RPs and article writing if he so wishes.

Feux, AMOM, and Stujenske have all been banned from The Pacific for their repetitive self-serving behavior which has only brought us headaches. They are no longer welcome to return to our halls.

We have outlawed inflitration/espionage. The cycle of failed operations every few years has brought us more harm than good. Nor is our ideology supposed to utilize meddling in the affairs of other game created regions via infiltration as a means of liberating them from outside exploitation or to "go after" user created regions.

Going forward we will be working on increasing government transparency, establishing further policies and precedents to restore accountability within leadership, and turning our government into a team instead of a group of people who run about doing their own thing without working closely together.

As part of this, a complete rework to our articles of government occurred on January 31st. A specific emphasis was placed on maintaining a record of regional policies, increased governmental communication regarding policy changes, and notification of appropriate affected parties when the government handles nefarious actors. Additionally the new articles of government brought the formation of a group of citizens known as the Body Republic. BR members can propose legislation, vote on the removal of other citizens, and vote on changes to the articles of government. The government's ability to change the articles of government at their whim was removed in favor of this system.

    Do you have any planned structural and/or culture changes to the region?

Quite a few, but these will require substantial discussion before we move forward on them since we would like to do them properly. We have been mapping out plans for the next few months and beyond. It is a time of reflection during which we are examining every element of our society to assess what works and what does not.

The overhaul of our articles of government was an initial step in this regard and we have several other structure/policy changes in the near future.

    How can I get more involved?

LinkSign up on our regional forum and post a Linkcitizenship application. Also be sure to stop by our LinkDiscord server to chat with fellow Pacificans.

This is a living document, to be continued...

The Pacifican Empire of East Durthang