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Bureau de Renseignement Spécial/Speciaal Inlichtingenbureau


Special Intelligence Report

Serial: SIR-18.1205I-P

Date: 05 December, 2018
From: Intelligence Department. at Chery

Date: 05 December, 2018
Deliver To: Office of the President at Courlaroux

Reference: Collections Dept. Serial 18.1201C-I "Report on the Situation in Noronica"

Evaluation: BRS/SI ID
Source: Official Records

Subject: Report on the Situation in Noronica, and Operation DIAMOND SUN

Brief: This file contains information regarding the request made by the Office of the President regarding the Situation in Noronica and Operation DIAMOND SUN.

Following the request made by the Office of the President, this file will serve as an assessment of the situation in Noronica and Operation DIAMOND SUN.

The Overlordship of Noronica and the Confederation of Alteran Republics are at present experiencing a dramatic changes in their governments, both overt and covert. In the Alteran Republics, reports confirm that the Alteran Curia, the ruling Council of the state, has been killed in a bombing attack of unknown origin. Keith Ryansan, Praetor for Information and Designated Survivor, is the only survivor and has been appointed Strategos. Following was mass arrests in Segovia, mostly against members of #Altera4Alterans, with approximately 4,200 members arrested since the ascension of the Strategos. The Strategos had also praised the Alteran Council of Information and Horizing Inc. for their aid in restoring the function of the Alteran Government. However, as inferred to in IV-18.1201O-C and IV-18.1201T-C, there is no evidence to suggest with Confidence that there are replacements for the former positions of the Alteran Curia.

In Noronica, there is a growing conflict between the Government of Noronica vested in Prime Minister Joshua McIntosh and Overlord Tytus Alexander I. Several Credible reports from multiple Noronnican news agencies, one of which, The Gwynon Times, is under the patronage of Prince Trystan Alexander, and is suspected in Confidence to be reporting in such a way to discredit McIntosh's Government. On 03 October, news broke from NMC that the "Modern Monarchy Bill", reviewed in IV-18.1201T-C "has language that would severely curtail the powers of the Overlord of Noronica" had passed through the Federal Assembly and was awaiting Royal Assent. After several weeks lacking a response, the Bill was returned to the Federal Assembly without Assent, where a following attempted vote was interrupted by the Overlord himself, who unconstitutionally (assessed with Confidence) dissolved the Federal Assembly. Since then, Noronica has been under contested rule with the Prime Minister issuing executive orders to maintain the continuity of the Government. On 20 November, the Overlord made a visit to the Prefectorial State of Arván to meet with members of the Noronnican Armed Forces involved in the War in Charbagnia. Earlier, controversy was stirred by a member of the Noronnican Army with the hastag #Armywithoverlord, suggesting an end of loyalty to the Government, this has been assessed with Confidence, corroborated with the files in Reference. The following day, The Gwynon Times reported on protests in the Prefectorial State of Sussex Isle had turned violent, prompting a response by the same units based in Arván, with assent by the Prime Minister, Unsubstantiated reports, in Reference, suggest that the units initially refused the Prime Minister's orders, assigning their loyalty to the Overlord. On the day the Intelligence Department submitted its request, the Prime Minister had demanded the units stand down, as reported by NMC. As of the writing of this report, no resolution has been found in the situation, assessed with Confidence.

Following the delivery of IV-18.1201C-I, the Intelligence Department delivered a request for the potential for an operation to further destabilize the Overlordship of Noronica. Just prior to the delivery of the request, a report was delivered to the Intelligence Department from Nolon, detailing the meeting between Ambassador Luther Van Buggenum and Prince Trystan Alexander, and the proposal for the partition of the peninsula of Arván in the "hypothetical event that the current Government of Noronica was rendered defunct". Further analysis suggested with Confidence that the Operations Department was capable of taking advantage of the heightened tensions to trigger riots in the Territory of Arván and the City of South Alban, Kapolder, to draw out the Overlord or another high ranking member of the Noronnican establishment to strengthen the position of the United Republics to negotiate the aforementioned partition. The response from the Governor of Kapolder was expected in part, however, the lack of Citizen's Guards troops being sent to Alban proper and the deployment of Noronnican forces instead rendered the situation nullified, rendering the Operation a Partial Success. The President is advised that the Governor of Kapolder was informed moments following the commencement of the Operation, and was directed to make the vague statements on 04 December, and that the ambiguity of the statement can be utilized to strengthen the position of the United Republics in present and future negotiations.