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Obtaining the title of Vexillarius (WA benefits)

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The New Pacific Order recognizes the invaluable contributions of the World Assembly members of the region to regional security as they endorse East Durthang. As a testament to this recognition, a new feature intended to emphasize the value of these nations to regional security and support has hereby been implemented by the Order.

All present and future WA nations endorsing Emperor East Durthang will receive the title of Vexillarius. While it does not confer honorary citizenship or enlist one in the military, it demonstrates recognition of and appreciation for the World Assembly nations who support the New Pacific Order by endorsing East Durthang.

Additionally, a custom banner will be awarded to World Assembly nations upon endorsement of East Durthang. All endorsers of East Duthang will qualify to fly the banner as well as wear the title.

For those region members who are not yet in the World Assembly, here are simple instructions on how to join:

    1) Visit: page=un
    2) Click "Apply to Join". You must have an email registered with your account to access this feature.
    3) Go to your affiliated email and click the link provided. If you cannot find it, check your spam folder.
    4) You will be directed to a page where confirmation is required. Click that.
    5) When you are in the World Assembly, visit East Durthang's page and find the "Endorse East Durthang" button. Click this.

If you have done so, contact a Praetorian to get the banner.

Hail Pacifica!

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