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The Pacific Index

The Extended Guide - Master Dispatch and Welcome
Have a question about NationStates the FAQ does not cover? Take a look at this Guide!
Emperor East Durthang
Endorse Emperor East Durthang to ensure continued Peace, Strength, and Prosperity for the Pacific.
Regarding the Endorsement Cap
The Pacific's endorsement policy.
LinkApply for Regional Citizenship
Register at and follow the link above to apply for regional citizenship. World Assembly membership is advised.
The Civil Code of the Pacific
Law and order of the Pacific.
The Articles of Government
The governing documents of the Pacific.
The Government of the Pacific
Officials are appointed by Emperor East Durthang and serve the region at his discretion.
The Pacifican Job Market
The departments of The Pacific
Regional Security Reminder
Defend the Revolution! View this for regional security information.

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