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The South Pacific 2018 Advent Calendar

Hello TSP and welcome to this year's Advent Calendar! Over the next 24 days we'll have a new holiday-themed activity/discussion topic every day, so make sure you check this dispatch regularly to have some fun!

Today's discussion topic is your December bucketlist. This time of year can be busy for everyone, so what do you want to achieve this month? Share your ideas on our Regional Message Board or on the Linkforum thread.


Nakarisaune wrote:What's behind the TSP Advent Calendar door today? Oh... a tree? How did that fit inside an advent calendar? And why hasn't it been decorated yet?!

Let's work together to decorate a Christmas tree for TSP! You don't need art skills or fancy editing - you just need to put an ornament on the tree, and help create a prettier holiday :D


Erinor wrote:Hey all, it's the third day of the TSP Advent Calendar and today we're discussing what Advent means to you! I've written about the Christian traditions of Advent here:, but we want to hear from you, too! Feel free to share in that thread or live on the ever-glorious RMB!

Today we have a winter-themed online game for you! The game is called LinkSnowline and the aim is to draw a path for Santa to pick up presents and make it to the finish of each stage. My productivity today can attest to the fact that this is addictive...

If you finish, please take a screenshot of your score to compare against others'. To start you off, I'll give you my score to beat:

Today is the start of our decorate-a-lampshade competition! Decorate

in any sort of holiday-theme you want. The contest will run until the 25th... probably. And the winner will get their name in the WFE... probably.

Today is our multicultural celebration day! While Advent is a Christian celebration, many other faiths and cultures have celebrations around this time of year. We'd like to hear about the holidays and celebrations of TSPers from around the World!


North Prarie wrote:Welcome to Day 7 of the TSP Advent Calendar! Today's activity is simple, but super fun. It's a one-line story contest! Here's the basics: Copy and paste the poster before yours' post. Then, use one line, maximum, to add to the story. It has to be relevant to the story, though!
Be as silly or as serious as you want. But most importantly: have fun!


Erinor wrote:It's Day 8 of the TSP Advent Calendar and today we want you to share about your favourite holiday movies.

You can do so here and on the forums:

As I've shared in the opening post of that thread, mine are The Nightmare Before Christmas and all 6 extended edition Middle Earth films! What about you?

Today is our Nativity memories day! Did you ever have to take part in a school Nativity play? Did you get a main part, or did you always end up being the rear end of a donkey? Post your experiences on the RMB or in Linkthis thread.


Nakarisaune wrote:Day 10 of the TSP Advent Calendar -

By now, a bit into December, you'll probably have been hearing Christmas songs and carols for the last three months. But have you listened hard enough to identify what they are from just a few seconds?

The first challenge: can you recognise these Christmas carols from just 15 seconds?
The second challenge (hard mode!): can you name these modern songs associated with Christmas from just 10 seconds? Bonus points if you can identify the artists!

You can send in answers on the forum thread (though please put them in a spoiler!), Discord DMs, or telegrams.
Answers will come on Christmas Eve. The person who gets the most points on each round will get their own customised Christmas Llama (specially trained to bray in the tune of Silent Night).


Erinor wrote:Day 11 of the TSP Avent Calendar is upon us and it's....

Christmas Puns!

To join in, head over to the forums here: or simply fill the RMB with your best festive wordplay!


Beepee wrote:Today is a celebration of all things Christmas food and drink.

Well be discussing all things food throughout the day.

I encourage you to post your favourite or 'dream' Christmas food, tell us about your fondest christmas food memory or what yule be eating on Christmas Day, post a recipe (IRL or TSP inspired) or photo.

Throughout the day on the RMB and in the Advent Calendar, we'll posting a range of recipes, where you can learn to make South Pacifican Christmas Classics. Who knows they might become a favourite in your home too.

At the end of the day, your posts will become part of the Christmas Food Celebration in the Advent Calendar. (And if your food is particularly adventurous, it may also be showcased in the Beepeean Museum of Disgusting Food.)

You can post in the Link TSP Advent Calendar, RMB or dispatch but please tag me, Beepee. That way I can see it and bring it to the Advent Calendar for all to enjoy.

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