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Lardyland vs. The NPO


Well, people keep asking for it, so here is Lardyland’s declaration of war on the Pacific.

Many natives of the old spam region might remember the swift invasion of the pacific on spam, which might be seen as a very aggressive motivation for war against them, especially in a time where they are attacked by the rest of the NS community.

However, that is not why we are declaring war.

We have given up on spam. If the pacific wants to keep it, they can have it. Lardyland doesn’t allow spam anymore, even though we are one of the freest regions in the world.

We have shifted over from a spammy, immature region to more of a memey, funny region with a great and wholesome community. It might have been just as well that the pacific raided spam, because without that, we would have never become the region we are today.

I have read from multiple accounts from different nations (thanks The Miniluv Messenger, Ballpit, and Zizou) about the different coups attempted in GCR’s recently. Their “new pacific order” have been keeping spies in different regions for a long time now, and I guess that this was their ideal time to strike. I have actually seen a very fine line between the behaviors of GCR’s (even warzones) and UCR’s.

This one detail separates them: Game created regions are subject to coups. This attraction to power is why the game created regions are so often couped.

You might think that this is easy for me to say because I run a large UCR. But I have actually seen it in action.

Through my time fairly recently invested in warzones, through my puppet in the South Pacific, and through my time a while ago in the rejected realms, i have seen one common theme: power.

The NPO is no different. Their pure ideology centers around destroying the world of what they deem as “wrong.” Here are some examples of the NPO’s absolute lust for power as seen at even a first glance at the region:

  • Their endorsement cap is ten while the delegate has something like 600

  • Their policies of suppression of free speech against ANYTHING that might even remotely question the ideals of the NPO

  • Their intolerance of different ideologies. Every single WA vote of the region is unanimous because they kick everyone out who does not vote the same way as everyone else.

  • They force hundreds of people into their system who want to achieve something amazing like becoming emperor or even an officer in the region, and they receive no recognition for the things they do in service of the NPO. They are essentially forced to work for years with no pay or rewards

  • Their ABSOLUTELY undemocratic system of government, not even electing officers much less delegate.

  • Lately, they have taken even that strict of a system to an extreme. They banjected possible “traitors” and “spies” in the region that might pose as a threat. They suppress any form of resistance, and even some nations who aren’t resisting anything.

    Our reason for declaring war is because of their firm belief in GCR prevalence, in game created region superiority. They believe that Game Created regions and naturally superior to user-created regions. They have proven this time and time again with the warzones. Every time an embassy is closed with a large GCR, they rush in to save it, but not the large UCR embassies. Their very ideology, Francoism, is centered around the believe that GCR’s are superior. These aren’t just cherry-picked examples that I threw together, this is their motivation for EVERY SINGLE ACTION THEY PERFORM. Their special trait of being “the first region created in nationstates” is their pure motivation for their conquests.

    They are only powerful because of their enormous size. Their complete need for power and lust for control over other regions, even GCR’s, goes against the very idea of freedom and democracy. I have seen the differences between regions such as the North Pacific and the Pacific. Regions such as the pacific need to be stopped, for the good of nationstates and for the growth of smaller regions.

    Many people want Lardyland to enact the same policies that the pacific are desperate to keep as of now, but I say no. No matter what, Lardyland needs to stick to its values. That’s what makes us unique. We aren’t worried about the NPO. No matter what happens to us, no matter what times we are in, we need to keep our core values. Lardyland needs to stay Lardyland, no emergency measures need to be taken.

    Everyone please upvote this dispatch if you thought it was informative, useful, or just a waste of time. Telegram me if you have any suggestions.

    For more specific details about the NPO and it’s behaviour, check out my associate Pinochet Executionists’s dispatch about this. It’s probably better than mine, and explains in more detail the arguments that I have set up here.

    We finna release a diss track on the pacific soon so watch out for that