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Governorship of Vulcan

Planet Name: Vulcan

Colonial Nations:
Aimos-Brazilian- Novo Xylo
Chinese- Bianjiang Ershisi
American- Raal

Population: 15.3 million

President- George Vandoulakis
Vice President- Eunício Oliveira

After the discovery of a habitable world in the system of 40 Eridani. The great superpowers made colonization efforts for planet. The Americans were the first to settle the planet and when they landed the first governor jokingly called the planet Vulcan after the fictional Star Trek Planet located in the same system and the name stuck which led to it officially being named Vulcan. 2 other nations were founded in the next years, A Chinese nation of Bianjiang Ersishi and the joint Aimos-Brazilian colony of Novo Xylo.

Novo Xylo when it was founded had a tougher time than the other 2 nations as funding and supplies came a lot less frequently forcing the colonists to have to adapt and learn to produce many of their own things. This made the colonial industrial base much less dependent on the parent nation unlike the other 2 colonies. This main export economy and the industry of Novo Xylo made the colonists have a strong sense of independence from the parent nation resulting in them only exporting resources of equal monetary value to the supplies they received from Aimos and Brazil. Of course this would anger the 2 nations and the colonial garrison their demanded the re-establishing of the former trade laws. This was refused a skirmish erupted which ended in the Vulcans seizing control of the Greek Light Carrier "Pandora" and utilizing its fighter compliment to force the Brazilian task-force led by the light cruiser "Rio Grande do Sul" into surrendering and returning to Earth. Small other skirmishes ensued in the 3 month long "Novo Xylo war of Independence" but overall after the first battle Novo Xylo was essentially independent. Peace was officially made in the Novo Xylo Capital City of Kavos granting the nation its independence.

Politics within the colony is centered around the export of resources to other colonies and to maintaining equilibrium with the various ethnicities.
With funding from Aimos and Brazil not as much as Novo Xylos competitors, America and China the colony mainly relies on maintaing a superior mining operation in the various asteroid belts and on the surface than exporting them back to earth and the other colonies. They also maintain fees for entering the planetary system at the spaceport to earn revenue. Despite this though the colony is still poorer compared to the other 2 colonial nations yet it is not the poorest of all colonies and maintains a healthy "middle class" status.

Novo Xylo maintains the 2nd largest colonial force of the Vulcan nations being smaller than the Raal-American colonial task force. Novo Xylo has no parent nation ships only being donated 3 small frigates in the early days, of which 1 had to be scrapped in order to use its part to help building the colony. Instead through the use of mining vessels and the space dock Novo Xylo has managed to build its own space force from scratch and is crewed entirely from Vulcan Natives no matter their nation of origin to help fill manpower problems. This domestic engineering has even allowed Novo Xylo to construct its own Star Carrier and Light Star Carrier, the Epicheírisi & Atlântico. Being the only Vulcan nation to do so.

The Light Carrier can hold up to 21 fighters in 3 squadrons.

Carrier Battlegroup "Ypérteros"
-Light Carrier "Pandora"
-Destroyer "Hydra"
-Destroyer "Psara"
-Frigate "Elli"
-Frigate "Maracanã"
-Corvette "Guanabara"
-Corvette "Poseidon"
-Corvette "Amazonas"
-Corvette "União"
-Missile Boat "Laskos"
Total-10 ships

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