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The First Sicilian Civil War

The frontlines of the Sicilian Civil War (confined to Sicily) as of May 3rd, 2020:

The Sicilian Government (Democratic) is in blue, the Sicilian Monarchists are in purple, and Forces for a Peaceful Vote on a New Government are in light blue.
Military Control (Abstaining from Civil War) is in light grey. The Sicilian Restoration League (Technocratic-Fascist) is in yellow. The Worker's Front for a Free and Equal Sicily is in red. The Sicilian National Bolshevik Party (Sike Nazbol) is in dark orange. The League of True Sicilian Fascists is in light orange. The Sicilian Army of Dreams and Imagination (Technocratic) is in turquoise. Local Warlords are in black.
Dots on the map represent cities, with larger dots being larger cities. The largest dot is the capital, Palermo, located in the northwest of Sicily.
By reading this factbook you hereby agree to sell your nation (your nation defined as the entity currently reading the above text) to the Sicilian Imperial-Capitalist Empire. We are not responsible if you fail to see this disclaimer and we happen to ruin your nation.