by Max Barry

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Dear Leader

The war effort to establish the fatherlands land borders and control is going well we have taken France and England but with many causalities and due to winter temperatures we have slowed down the invasion of Russia but we have crushed all of Europe and winter troops are moving through Denmark into Norway, Finland, and Sweden. Africa came easily the middle east has put up a fight but we have pushed through to New Delhi. Australian, New Zealand, Japanese and American soldiers have pulled out of the fight to strengthen their defenses. As I am writing this we have taken India's Capital thus India will soon fall after this victory we will use Kazakhstan to take Mongolia and push for India into Myanmar and up into China we will then take the rest of Asia. using China we will surround the Russians and use Blitzkrieg to wide them out. Once we have captured the rest of the mainland we will establish law and order in our land and strengthen our Army for the next step of our Master-Plan
Remaining forces:
- 234,092 personel
- 65,124 Land Vehicles
- 49,767 Aircraft
- 12,345 Ships

General Schlaginhauffen
Generaloberst of the 2nd SS legion
Task with the help of the 1,3,4 & 5 legions take the mainland of Europe, Asia, and Africa