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The Socialist Republic of Morograd

The Socialist People's Republic of Morograd


"Forever Forward in the Glorious March for Prosperity!"

"Hey, Moro!"

Capital: Ming City

Languages: NS Regional Language

One-Party State, Socialist Republic


- 1894–1976 Moro vo Giap

Secretary General:

- 2013–Current Li Jianguo

Legislature Nationals People's Congress:

Historical era Cold War:

- Proclamation 2 December 1949

- WA membership

- Constitutional reform
21 February 1978

- July 1989 255,804 km˛ (98,766 sq mi)

Currency: Yen

Internet TLD: .Mo

Calling code: +38

The Socialist People's Republic of Morograd (SPR Morograd or SPRM, yes sprm) is the Moro state that existed since its foundation after the results of the Seno-japanese War.
It is a socialist state and a republic made up of six provinces: Zosnia, Egovna, Hroat, Macodinia, Quntro, Sue, Yioe, and Pluto.

After initially siding with the Asain bloc under the leadership of Minoy at the beginning of the Cold War, Morograd pursued a policy of becoming more developed aside Vietnam and China. After the death of Minoy in 1976, rising ethnic religious nationalism in the late 1980s led to dissidence among the multiple ethnicities within the constituent republics, followed by collapse of inter-republic talks on transformation of the country and recognition of their independence by the United States in 1991. This led to the Morograd Civil Wars which lasted for 4 years till Morograd was once again unified by the Pro-Unity and Marxist faction republics in defeating of the Neo-Fascist, Pro-Western, Evengelical insergent rebels.

Morograd was formed in 1918 under the name Kingdom of Voro. In January 1929, King Gue I, assumed dictatorship of the country and renamed it into Republic of Morograd, for the first time making the term "Morograd" — which had been used colloquially for decades (even before the country was formed) -- the official name of the state. After the Kingdom was occupied by Japanese troops during World War II, the Communist party announced in 1943 their intention to fight back in a resistance and rebuild the country as Democratic People's Morograd, leaving the republic-or-kingdom dilemma open to consolidate more support from the monarchist supporters at the time. By 1945 the nation had successfully pushed out the remaining Japanese Imperial forces on their own. Soon after small skirmishes erupted between the pro-republican (Communist/leftists), and the Monarchist (Supporters of the crown and evangelicals).

In 1950, the country was finally united and became the People's Republic of Morograd (PR Morograd, PRM), with the constitution coming into affect a few month after, and in 1963 the Socialist People's Republic of Morograd (SPR Morograd, SPRM) was proclaimed the new official name of the nation.

The state is most commonly referred to by outsiders as their last full name (People's Republic of Morograd).

Due to the length of the name, abbreviations were often used to refer to the Socialist People's Republic of Morograd, such as Moro, though the state was most commonly known simply as Morograd. The most common abbreviation is SPRM, though SPR Morograd was also used in official capacity, particularly by the media.