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introduction to national states

he following are encouraged as a good way to get started, particularly for new players, but never required for any resident.
1. Introduce yourself on our Regional Message Board (RMB)! This is a great way to get acquainted with your neighbors.

2. Visit our Discord! This is where a lot of the activity happens, including debates on real life issues, region news, and election campaigns.

3. Join our LinkOffsite Forum! This is where all the RP and some of the lengthier conversations happen.

4. Join the World Assembly (WA)! You will be able to vote on international legislation and endorse other residents of your region. The more people endorse a region's delegate, the more votes that delegate has in the WA. If you do not want to join the WA with your main nation, a common alternative is to join with a puppet, or second, nation.

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The following are a collection of the most commonly received questions, especially from new residents.
1. What is...?

NationStates has a lot of acronyms, initialisms, and terms that do not exist anywhere else. Just got here and have no idea what a "WFE" is? How about an "endo?" Look no further! There is an encyclopedia of NS located right here, created by August.

2. What is there to do in this game?

NS is essentially an open sandbox, rather than a highly structured war game, which makes it a very unique as a political simulator. There are many ways to play, and just like in real life, there is no defined way to win. You could even come up with a new use for NS; with a little creativity, anything is possible. That being said, most NSers spend their time pursuing one of four common activities: roleplaying, gameplaying, debating real life matters, and discussing WA legislation.

3. What exactly are those?

Here are some brief descriptions of those four activities.

Roleplay: On NS, roleplay (commonly known as RP) is text-based, and consists of players writing collaborative stories that bring their nations (or people within their nations) to life. It usually takes place on the NS forums, player-created offsite forums, or region RMBs.
RP Guide: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=170098
RP Questions: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=118474
Advice for New Players: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=33989

Gameplay: The term "gameplay" (commonly known as GP) encompasses a number of things. It includes the "issues game," where players answer issues to build their nations in a certain way and compete on World Census reports; the "invasion game" (commonly known as raiding and defense, or R/D); and regional politics.
NS Issues: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=88
R/D Guide: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=307728
Region Building: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=353470

Real-world debate: This is mostly self-explanatory, and takes place in the General subforum (commonly known as NSG), or on regions' offsite forums and RMBs.
First Stop for NSG: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=88796

World Assembly: The World Assembly (commonly known as the WA) is a mixture of RP and GP. It is the world's only international legislative body, similar to the real-world United Nations. Many players like to spend time writing their own WA resolutions or discussing proposals written by others. This takes place in the General Assembly and Security Council subforums. If this sounds interesting to you, it is highly recommended that you begin there, by asking questions and reading other players' work.
General Assembly Rules/Advice: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=159348
Security Council Guide: viewtopic.php?f=24&t=218040

4. I followed the recommendations in the "Getting Started" section. Now what?

To be expanded

5. Can I declare war? How about setting up alliances, or trading?

NS does not include functions for war or trade, but that should be no obstacle to you! If you have a large enough group, you may attack another region, which is called "raiding" (see "Gameplay" under question 3). You can also begin an RP war with another player (complete guide here), but they must agree to it, or you will be RPing alone. Trade is also RPed on NS, so the best place to go is the GE&T subforum (Help Desk thread).

Alliances are a little more complicated, because they can take so many forms. Again, there is no built-in function for alliances, although embassies can be established between regions, and are sometimes used to signify formal agreements. In general, alliances between nations are RPed. Alliances between regions, on the other hand, are most often political gameplay agreements.

6. So does this place have rules?

Glad you asked. The site rules are located in this thread. You should read through all of them to avoid trouble with the moderators.

If you were looking for the rules of the region, go to this section.

7. Can I get more detail about some aspect of the game?

Sure! The official game FAQ can be found here, and a more comprehensive version is maintained on the Technical subforum here.

Still have a question? You can TG me at any time.

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