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General Information of the Kingdom of Chuliu Emperor

Official Name: The Kingdom of Chuliu Emperor/處劉皇國/处刘皇国

Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy

Capital: Chuliu Emperor City

Government Seat: Chuliu Emperor City

The Kingdom of Chuliu Emperor commonly called Chuliu Kingdom, is a sovereign state in Asia. The Kingdom of Chuliu Emperor is an island state and it comprises of two island namely as Chuliu Greater Island and Chuliu Lesser Island

Official Language: Chuliu Language

Ethnic Groups:

100% Chuliu People


100% Christianity

Demonym: Chuliu People


Emperor: Chuliu Emperor James Lau

Premier: Premier selected by the Chuliu People through the General Election, with term limit of 6 years

Commander-in-Chief: James Lau, assist by the Grand General of the Chuliu Royal Forces

Chief Justice: Chief Justice is selected by the Chuliu People through the General Election, with term limit of 6 years

Short Description of the Country:

1. Kingdom of Chuliu Emperor is a nation that aggressively pursues the policy of a strong military to defend itself. The Kingdom applied close border policy in which foreigners cannot become the citizens of the nation.

2. The Chuliu's constitution declares that " Chuliu Emperor's Thought" is the official state ideology of the nation.

3. Chuliu Emperor (James Lau) is the Leader of the Kingdom. Christianity is the Official Religion of the nation.

4. Chuliu Emperor (James Lau) is also the Commander of Chuliu Royal Forces. Chuliu Royal Forces consists of the Marine Corps, Air Force and Military Police.

5. The Kingdom had no political parties, but have the election, those who are elected will join the cabinet, and cabinet officials assisted Chuliu Emperor in handling all state affairs.

The Map of the Kingdom of Chuliu Emperor:

List of Countries with Diplomatic Relation:

Every countries that have embassy with Great Chuliu Empire

Public Holidays of the Nation

1. New Year's Day
2. Chuliu New Year
3. Good Friday
4. Easter Sunday
5. Chuliu Emperor Day
6. Christmas Day