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The Flag and Ideals of BennionClan States

The Allied States of BennionClan has recently updated it's flag and national aspects to better reflect the ideals by which Escarans live.

The Allied States are composed of 5 nations which each are distinct from each other but are united with similar values and meet to discuss international matters in Le Conseil Principal, directly translated as The Principal Counsel. These 5 Nations are L'Islande, Usono, Sudamerica Latina, Iberia, and Alkebulan.

Each branch of the nation has a place on the flag, with a segment of the branch of peace on both sides. At the center of the branch is Le Council Principal, which connects the nations together. The gold sun in the flag represents the joy, energy, and creativity fueling the Allied States, while the red on the top and bottom represents the passion and power of the unified nations. Finally, the blue is the fabric that holds everything together. It represents the tranquility, calmness, trust, loyalty, and wisdom, that iconifies BennionClan as an open and peaceful yet firm nation, and a paradise of free values.

Additional changes include the type of money, which has been revised to the Denor. This word comes from the "den" prefix present in the ancient Spanish and other languages denoting money, while the "or" comes from the ancient French language for gold.